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No matter the style of wood fence in Tampa or the surrounding area you need, Professional Fence has the experience and skill to installed it for you in a timely fashion.

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Wood fences in Tampa and the surrounding area are still the most common type of fence in Tampa Bay today. Profession Fence is your wood fence company in Tampa. Wood fence’s are affordable, offers privacy and has a beautiful natural look that compliments landscaping and other outdoor garden features

We build your wood fence in Tampa or surrounding area from scratch on site. Professional Fence will set every post in concrete so your posts won’t shift or lean. We nail up every board one by one using hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails that won’t rust or pull apart. This allows for a custom construction that is stronger than pre-built panels. You know your wood fence is built to last.

Board on board style wood fencing offers complete privacy with overlapping boards while stockade wood fencing offers privacy with boards that abut one another but do not overlap. Shadowbox style wood fencing offers some privacy but is not completely opaque when viewed from an angle and therefore offers less wind resistance. It is for this reason that some communities in Tampa require their residents to install shadowbox wood fencing instead of complete privacy styles.

Although wood fencing is not as durable or long-lasting as vinyl or aluminum fencing, with some preventative maintenance, your wood fence can still look good for years. Staining and sealing offers surface protection against weathering, fading and changes in climate.

We make all the standard styles of wood fence and also customize wood fencing for customers who have specific ideas about what type of wood fencing will accentuate their home. Call today to get an estimate for your new wood fence in Tampa.

Wood Fence Contractors Tampa | Brandon | Plant City

Wood fences bring a classic natural look to properties.  It is difficult to mimic the true beauty of natural wood.  The color variations and random wood grain and knot patterns can never be wholly replicated.  For this reason, many clients prefer a wood fence. Tampa wood fences offer privacy and protection just like our vinyl and aluminum fences with the authenticity of natural wood.

Sealing | Painting | Staining  Wood Fences

While synthetic fences require very little maintenance, your Superior wood fence will require maintenance to ensure your fence continues to look beautiful for years to come.  Finishing your fence with a sealant, stain, or paint is highly recommended for protection from the effects of sun, rain, and temperature changes on your wood. Depending on weather conditions and the pre-treatment process your wood has undergone, your wood fence should ideally be sealed, painted, or stained within 30 days to 6 weeks after installation. You do not want to seal your fence immediately after construction. Allowing 4 – 6 weeks will allow the wood to expand and contract with the amount of sunlight and temperature variations of your local climate.

Sealing your wood fence will offer a barrier against water. Wood sealers are available in transparent or semi-transparent options allowing the natural beauty of your wood to shine through.  It is recommended to apply a wood sealer that also contains UV stabilizers to lessen the impact of sun exposure. You should reseal your wood annually for continuous protection.

In order to stain your wood fence, the wood must be completely dry.  To determine if your wood is ready to be stained, sprinkle water onto it surface.  If the water beads, your wood is not ready to properly accept staining. Wait a few days and retest until the water no longer beads from the surface of your wood.  Select a stain with the longest manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure that your stain also has a UV stabilizer and a water repellent.

When painting your wood fence, choose an alkyd oil-based primer.  You must prime every surface of your wood, including cut ends. Finish with two coats of top-quality acrylic latex paint.  As with staining, you must be certain that your wood is completely dry before priming and painting. Perform the sprinkle test by applying a few drops of water onto the surface of your wood.  If any beading occurs, wait, and test again in a few days. Paint must be reapplied as needed to maintain a beautiful finish. This could be annually, or otherwise, depending on your environmental conditions and the location of your wood fence.